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About Us
Austin Speaker Works (ASW) is the inevitable offshoot of Austin Speaker Service, a company with over 20 years as a pillar to Austin’s “Live Music Capital of the World” music community.  Keeping a fairly low profile, Ron Condon and Wes Reilly combined their 65 plus years experience in every aspect of the music industry to establish Austin Speaker Service as the go to resource for Texas sound companies and musicians like Eric Johnson, Omar Dykes, Jim Weider (The Band), Buddy Whittington (Mayall), Charlie Sexton, Junior Brown, Mason Ruffner, Kim Wilson, Stevie Ray, and Jimmy Vaughn to name a few.

The driving force behind our ASW™ product line is Ron Condon.  A classically trained violinist and composer, Ron began his music career scoring ballet (dancers) before trading his fiddle for the electric guitar.  He toured professionally playing Blues, Rock, Jazz, and Blue Grass, before settling down and setting up both Austin Speaker Service and Austin Vintage Guitars.  With his vast knowledge of vintage gear, his eye for quality and ear for tone he quickly made Austin Vintage Guitars a hot spot for local talent and touring players. Ron’s unique grasp of individuals’ tastes earned him clients like Tom Petty, David Hidalgo, Eric Johnson, David Grissom, Mike Campbell, David Allen, Cesar Rojas, G. E. Smith, Jimmy Vaughn, and so on, before eventually selling the business and shifting focus to Austin Speaker Service.

In 2005 ASW™ was really born out of necessity.  Ron along with many equally discerning clients, preferred the tone and performance of the authentic vintage late 1960’s Celestion™ G12-30™ to that of any of the reissued models or clones, etc.  Also, clients were becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the available factory and third party recone kits available.  With functioning authentic vintage G12-30™’s becoming more and more scarce, wary enthusiasts, including Ron, were having to retire them to studio use only, babying them and waiting for them to die.  This shared predicament being bad for business as well, Ron began his 3 year journey to offer a viable and improved alternative using the originals’ performance as the starting benchmark.

The end result was our KTS-60™ and KTS-70™ both incorporating our Featherlite™ cone construction.  A culmination of both Ron’s and Wes’s years of experience and study of just about every guitar speaker produced since the late 1950’s along with finding a sympathetic and accommodating cone manufacture, the effort became an arduous task of trial and error, ultimately ear-testing hundreds of permutations of cone designs, pulp formulas, adhesives, and edge treatments until they got it right, a cone exhibiting richer tone and break up modes than the originals, but with less cone cry.

Once clients got their hands on the KTS-60™ and KTS-70™ it wasn’t long before they were commissioning us to recone used and brand new unopened Blue™ and Gold™ Alnicos giving rise to the our Alnico Elegante’.  We are also developing new products incorporating our Featherlite™ design like the CrossRoads™ and Route-66™ as well as working with amp manufacturers for custom OEM variations.